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Survivor Speaks out and Fights Back!

Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Polly Franks is s survivor of sexual abuse and she is not staying quiet! She is releasing her new book, "Devil at my Door" this upcoming month. Franks is also fighting back by starting "It's not your fault" organization that runs "Operation Fuzzy" and gives back to children who are victims of child sexual abuse. And while Franks is busy promoting her new book and running Operation Fuzzy, she still maintains a online store packed full of safety items including tasers, alarms and cameras!

Devil at my Door
Devil at my Door is a book that Polly Franks has poured numerous hours and memories in while writing. It's about a woman's triumph over one of America's most prolific sexual offenders - Joseph Frank Smith. (News article http://www.nytimes.com/1998/11/28/us/castrated-rapist-tied-to-75-new-sex-crimes.html)
You can preorder a book though Amazon or at https://www.devilatmydoor.com/

It's not your fault
(taken from http://www.itsnotyourfault.us/index.html)
While "It's Not Your Fault" was founded on a need to react to a sexual abuse tragedy that affected the Polly Franks' family the mission of this organization is intended to help everyone be more proactive in protecting their loved ones from sexual predators. The "It's Not Your Fault" website provides resources to educate and safe guard our children and their surroundings additionally the "It's not your fault" fund raising provides monies to help comfort those who have been affected by this most hideous crime.
Our Operation Fuzzy Ambassadors throughout the US not only help with fund raising, but also help comfort those in their area who need to be reminded that "It's not your fault"; visiting hospitals and making deliveries of stuffed animals (or name the stuffed bear we get contract with) to the most precious victims.

Your fight back
Polly has also made an online store full of top-of-the line non-lethal self-defense products. You can visit her site and shop at http://www.youfightback.com/

This is what survival is all about, folks. Taking a negative situation, learning from it and flourishing. Criminals are all about control in one aspect of the crime committed. If you take away that control, you leave them with nothing. (Look at the gals from the Cleveland abduction, once they were set free and Castro had no control, he hung himself immediately after arrest.) So take control, stand up for yourself and be the voice for those with none!